This is Ethel, a pug, the first scan of the evening just over four weeks into her pregnancy carrying five pups. What an adorable dog to start with.

Next to be scanned was this lovely French Bulldog, she was scanned by us three weeks ago and seen to be carrying four pups, the owner wanted her rescanned as she is due Bank holiday Monday, and wanted to be sure everything was okay with the pups, which it was. She will probably have a C section early next week.

Th last scan was Fifi another pug, which leads to a bit of a story. She is due this coming Wednesday, again scanned a few weeks ago by ourselves and seen to be carrying six pups. Unfortunately the owner had to work the evening of the original scan, so only her partner got to see the pups. So, last Saturday she called me in to rescan so she could see how they were progressing, all was well. Sunday evening Fifi began to pass a dried blood discharge which became steadily worse and a concern to Chantelle her owner. We scanned again that day, all was well, but the dried blood discharge remained a mystery. Fortunately this stopped by Monday morning, although a visit to the vet to make sure there was nothing wrong drew a blank. The vet did say one pup was in the birth canal, which was a concern, but when nothing happened during the day Chantelle called me out to make sure pups were well, and they were, no sign of any pup in the birth canal.

Chantelle became concerned on Friday when she could feel no movement of pups and there was a further discharge. the scan put her mind at rest as all was well. Somehow I think I may well be seeing Fifi again very shortly. Hope all goes well Fifi with the whelping.