Microchipped this litter of six Pugs on Friday. Iryna their owner has done a great job raising them. We had previously scannned mum and seen six puppies.

Do remember puppies need to be microchipped by eight weeks old, and the earliest this can be carried out is six weeks old. I prefer to do them around seven to eight weeks, just before they leave for their new homes. The breeder is issued with a receipt for each puppy, with the microchip number on it, I then register the pups online, onto the Petlog database. If ever one of the pups gets lost or stolen its owner can be traced and reunited with the puppy.

Saturday, and this is Winnie a French Bulldog. We did an ultrasound on Winnie as she hopefully was four and a half weeks pregnant. The scan proved to be positive, showing Winnie was carrying eight pups.

Winnie was artificially inseminated by the stud dog owner, something I witnessed for the first time, as by chance I happened to arrive to scan one of the stud dogs owners bitches, just as the Ai was taking place. Congratulations to Winnie’s family, hope all goes well for you.