Please try to give us as much notice as possible when booking. We cover Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex and Wiltshire which is a fairly large area, so try to keep appointments for one day in a particular area. If we have advance notice we are able to schedule this fairly easily. We will always take last minute bookings, as we don’t want to disappoint any of our clients, but this does make us less flexible.

Do remember if you need any advice on Microchipping, Ultrasound ¬†or dog whelping, please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help. There was one such whelping, where the owner had never experienced having a litter of pups. She messaged me around 10pm to let me know the whelping had begun, and as she was rather nervous of the situation, I left my mobile on at night so she could contact me. At 3.00am she messaged me to say she had three pups born but it was over two hours since the last pup was born and mum was still contracting. At this point we did a video call so I could tell the owner what to do, she could feel the next pup in the birth canal and it was clearly stuck. With my advice she tried to manoeuvre the pup but without success. I then drove over to her house and also tried to move the pup, but it wasn’t shifting, in this instance it need a trip to the vet and a C section, whereby a further two pups were successfully born. Sadly the puppy that was stuck didn’t make it, unfortunately this does happen, so always have your vets telephone number ready when your bitch starts to whelp.