Travelling to clients houses to do an Ultrasound on their dog is exciting and great fun, because you never know what size dog your going to be scanning. This week has been mainly smaller breeds and the week started with this little girl above, found to be carrying pups.

We have scanned many dogs this week, and our apologies if yours doesn’t appear on this page, but as you can appreciate there are many to choose from, so we select a random few. Above the Ruby Cavalier King Charles, resting in her bed, safe in the knowledge that in four and a half weeks she will become a mum for the first time.

Finally for this week, a Cocker Spaniel, also an expectant mum . It’s an absolute delight to meet all the lovely breeds of dogs and their owners. Most of the time it’s all good news and we find pups during the Ultrasound, but sometimes this isn’t always the case, and the bitch isn’t carrying pups, then it becomes disappointing for both ourselves and the dogs owner. As dog breeders ourselves we know how it feels to be told your bitch isn’t pregnant, as was the case this afternoon with a young boxer, but no doubt her time will come.