Many of the Ultrasounds we carry out prove to be positive, but around 20% of them prove to be negative. The majority of these negative results are because the owner hasn’t had their bitch tested for ovulation.

Some bitches will only stand for the dog when they are ovulating, but some will stand at any time during their season, and if this is the case, although there may have been a successful tie, there may not be any eggs for the sperm to fertilise, hence no pups. The sperm can live in the bitch for up to five days, but if she hasn’t ovulated, you have a negative scan.

We would recommend you have an ovulation test carried out on your bitch at around day eight of her season. This can be Carried out by your vet, and can either be done in the form of a blood test or a swab. We would advise you to talk to your vet before your bitch comes into season to see which process they prefer.

Nine months ago we scanned a Labrador, which hadn’t been tested for ovulation and disappointingly it wasn’t carrying pups. At the time I explained to the owner about these ovulation tests, to which she said she would definitely have it done when her Labrador next came into season. When her Labrador came into season a few weeks ago, the owner phoned me and asked where I took my dogs. I always use Gillian Taylor at Shield vets in Bishops Waltham, what that lady doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. The owner booked to see Gillian and five weeks later I was back scanning the Labrador. Success, at least eight pups could be seen on the scan and we had one delighted family, looking forward to their litter of pups. I’m currently waiting to hear the good news of their birth.