This little sweetie above, we scanned on Saturday and delighted to say she was in pup. Doesn’t she look proud sat on the sofa.

The photo below is the father to her pups, quite a live wire, think he was so excited when we told him the news 😂😂😂😂😂.

This French bulldog was also in pup, this will be her first litter.

Good luck to all the dogs I’ve scanned this week, most found to be in pup, but unfortunately the odd one has missed this time.

The highlight of the week for me was on Thursday when I scanned a cocker spaniel in Winchester. I had already scanned her on the previous Friday, and although I felt she was probably in pup I could see no evidence on scanning, despite spending a fair amount of time on her. So I told her owner Emma, I would rescan at a later date, this being Thursday. Sure enough the scan showed two pups, I just knew she was pregnant but until I had evidence I couldn’t confirm. I was delighted for her and her owner Emma. Sorry no photo of her, in my excitement I forgot to ask if I could take a photo.