Some weeks ago I mentioned I had scanned five Sphynx cats, above are two of their kittens, thought you might like to see the end result .

Another busy week scanning and Microchipping, here is one of Monday’s clients litter of pups, closely guarded by the family cat. There were eight in this litter, and all were going to their forever homes this weekend. Hope the new families enjoy their new family addition.

Amongst the many scans we did this week, this French Bulldog was one I scanned a few weeks ago, and found to be in pup. This second scan was conducted to make sure all was well with the pups, and it was. Clear heart beats could be seen as well as the skeletal structure of the pups, something that cannot be seen in scans conducted at four weeks or just over.

Scanning at four weeks enables us to see numbers fairly easily, whilst a scan at seven weeks, enables us to see more of the pups structure but because of their increased development, they now overlap each other and numbers become so much harder to predict.

Thanks to all our clients who have invited us into their homes this week, and sorry if yours doesn’t feature on this weeks blog.