Labrador with her nine pups born on Thursday. We scanned and saw nine four weeks ago, nice to have such a good result. Congratulations to Rachael and her family.

This Whippet was one of two we scanned this week from the same stud, she was found to be in pup carrying six pups, whilst the other girl, pictured below has sadly missed on this occasion. Hopefully she will be successful next time around.

This little one above was also scanned positive this week, congratulations to her owner.

We were also fortunate to microchip two litters of Labrador pups this week, a litter of eight, four black and four yellow, and a litter of nine, eight black and one yellow. also chipped this week a litter of six English Bulldogs and eight Jugs.\

Thanks to everyone who has invited us into their homes this week, and story if yours hasn’t featured in this blog.