I thought this week i would tell you a bit about one of our dogs. Her name is Heidi aged 10, pictured above looking a bit wet and muddy as Goldies do. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, i was woken by our youngest Retriever Bella barking, now sometimes they do bark if they need to go out, but the barking was more to alert me something was wrong.

When i came down i found Heidi on the floor, saliva coming from her mouth, breathing abnormally, but couldn’t rouse her for a minute or two, eventually she opened her eyes, but clearly couldn’t get up. Within ten minutes she was on her feet, but looked distressed, her eyes looking at me as if to say whats wrong with me, help me. A chat with the vet, and was told to wait and see how she was later that day. By the morning she was back to her normal self, and when i went to walk the other three, she wanted to come along, which i did.

Wednesday afternoon and something was clearly going wrong again, she shook her head and again saliva pouring from her mouth, and then collapsed on the floor and began fitting. As before she came round soon after, but within half an hour she again had another fit. The vets took blood and the result showed possible Liver or Kidney problems.

Since Wednesday no more fits, but she has collapsed on a few occasions, but got up more or less straight away. She spent all day at the vets Friday, for more extensive tests, awaiting results Monday.

If anyone has experienced this with their dog, please get in touch, would love to hear what you have to say. Fingers crossed for tomorrow that the problem is minor, will keep you updated.