This Cocker Spaniel is one of many we have scanned this week, she was found to be in pup, her owner was delighted. When we scanned her earlier this year she had reabsorbed her pups, obviously her owner was devastated, but hopefully this time all will go well for her, we certainly hope so. The photo below is Ralph in his Devils outfit, he lives with the Spaniel, but isn’t Sire to the pups.

This French Bulldog, we scanned positive two weeks ago, so we went back this week to scan again, the owners wanted to see how the pups had grown in a fortnight. Its what makes scanning so much fun, they were amazed at the difference.

Amongst others scanned this week are a German Shepherd, two Chihuahuas and a Pug. Congratulations to all their owners, some of which were extremely excited.

Following on from last weeks blog, regarding Heidi our eldest Golden Retriever. Im delighted to say she has had no more fits, and after extensive tests at the vets, has been given the all clear. It appears that the fits were caused by a blood clot in the gall bladder, but this has now dispersed.