Ultrasound is best carried out on your bitch approximately 30 to 35 days after the second mating, if its done before it can be difficult to determine wether she is in pup, as she may not have taken straight away after the mating.

If its carried out later in the pregnancy then the pups are bigger and begin to overlap each other, making it difficult to know how many there may be. Having said that if your not bothered about how many there may be, then a scan at a later date can be more interesting as we can see the puppies moving, see their skeletal structure and can see heart beats. they also will be moving around which can be quite fascinating to watch.

Microchipping is something that is now law, and must be carried out by the time they are eight weeks old. It can’t be done until they are at least six weeks. In smaller breeds its best to wait until they are in their seventh week.

Please try to book your Ultrasound soon after you have mated your bitch, as we are getting very busy and don’t want to disappoint any of our clients. We will always try to accommodate you, but please try to give us as much notice as you can.

The same goes with microchipping, try to book in soon after your litter has been born, that way we can make sure we can help you out. Sometime we get calls asking us to microchip the same evening as the puppies are leaving tomorrow, this can be difficult or impossible for us to do as we have clients already booked. You have at least six weeks to book the appointment, don’t leave it until the last minute please.

This little one above was one of many we scanned this week, she was scanned positive, expecting four pups, good luck to all the owners we have met this week.