One of the saddest scans we have ever performed took place this week. It involved a black Labrador, who had been mated also to a Black Labrador, sadly three weeks after the mating the Sire collapsed and died with a heart attack at the age of eighteen months. Obviously the owner was keen to know if the bitch was in pup, but disappointingly she was empty, a very sad story.

This one of many we have scanned this week, in what has been our busiest week ever. She was scanned positive so great news for her owner. Others that we have scanned include 4 French Bulldogs, three in pup, one sadly not, three Labradors one in pup , two sadly not. A Golden Retriever this was a rescan, just to see how much the puppies had grown. A Chihuahua again a rescan, just to check on their growth. Also several cross breeds which were all in pup. We have also met lots of lovely owners microchipping with over 70 puppies chipped this week. Thank you to all for inviting us into your homes.

We are on holiday for a week so no blog next week.