French Bulldog puppies with their mum above, we scanned her three months ago and went back this week, to microchip the five puppies. We have also microchipped two other litters of Frenchies this week, one of eight and the other of six pups.Other litters we have chipped include Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds.

The French Bulldog has been popular when we have been out scanning this week, we have scanned four of them as well as a Greyhound carrying nine puppies and our own Golden Retriever ( Bella) who we scanned carrying nine puppies. Photos below are of Bella on the beach at Saunton sands two weeks ago, already getting in the digging mood.

With Christmas approaching, please do remember to keep your pets away from the Christmas lights in your home, as puppies will chew through the cables and could seriously injure themselves if not worse.