Its been busy week for microchipping , these three Jack Russell Cross Jugs were one litter we chipped. Another breed we chipped were a litter of six Rhodesian Ridgebacks, these are pictured below, and not a breed we get to do that often. We scanned the mum back in October. Amongst other we have chipped this week include Chihuahuas, a litter of six Whippets, four Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, five French Bulldogs and four pugs.

Amongst the breeds we have scanned include two English Bulldogs, one of these confirmed in pup. a Cavalier King Charles in pup, a Pomeranian in pup and a Labrador not in pup and a few crossbreeds.

My Golden Retriever Bella, is now just 10 days away from having her puppies, due 17th January. She is getting quite large now and beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. Will keep you updated on her progress.