Bella our youngest retriever had her puppies this week by C Section. here she is above with her nine beautiful puppies, seven boys and two girls.

They were due on Wednesday, but nothing happened until Thursday evening at 8.00pm when her waters broke, an hour passed but there were no contractions and the alarm bells started to ring. we took straight to the emergency vet, who could feel no puppies in the birth canal, and decided she would need a C section. When the opened her up, they discovered she had damaged her Uterus in three places and we had to make the decision to have her spayed. The damage was caused by the puppies being so big and bearing down on her, the biggest two weighed 15 ounces.

The reason she had no contractions was because the puppies were so tightly packed in, there was no room for the contractions to take place, this is called Inertia, and a C section becomes necessary.

Bella and puppies are doing well with the puppies gaining weight steadily, will keep you all updated on their progress.