Our litter of nine Golden Retriever puppies are four weeks old today, its the most advanced litter we have ever had. They were walking at two weeks, which is very early, normally they start to walk at three weeks. We started to wean at just over two weeks and they are doing really well . We have one boy still available from this litter if anyone is interested. A big thank you to Brenda and John Taylor, for allowing us to use their stud dog Tagg. We have used his father Dax several times before, but this was a first for Tagg, and what a lovely litter he has sired.

This is Bella a Pomeranian, we scanned her several weeks ago, and here she is with her litter of three. she unfortunately had to have a C section, but Bella and her pups are thriving. Anyone interested in a Pomeranian pup please do get in touch.

This family of three we have met a couple of times now. Two of which we scanned over recent weeks, pleased to say both are in pup, and we are awaiting news of their arrival.