This is Bella our four year old Golden Retriever with her litter of nine puppies, seven boys and two girls. They were born on the 18th January 2018 by C section. Her waters broke at 8.00pm that evening, but following that there were no contractions, so after waiting an hour, it was a call to the emergency vet. My vet uses another company after hours as their emergency service, and they quoted me between £2500 and £3000 for the section. I then phoned a Client of mine Mark Ellins who put me onto his vet in Petersfield, St Peters surgery. I have to say they were superb. When i arrived the staff were all waiting for me, the time now being 10.00pm.  At 11.00pm they advised me that Bella had nine healthy puppies, but because they were so big, she had ruptured her Uterus in three places, this meant she would need to be spayed. At 11.45pm i was advised that Bella really needed to stay over night due to blood loss during the Operation, as her blood pressure had dropped quite low. The next day Bella despite a major operation. was back to her normal self and we returned home with nine healthy puppies.

Photos below showing the puppies growing up.

Below are photos of the puppy we have kept, she has been named Lara, after Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, as she is a bit of a tom boy. We hope in a couple of years to breed a litter from her, depending on the results of her Hip, Elbow and Eye tests.