We scan many dogs during the period of a month, and a surprising amount are found to be not pregnant (empty). We have written this piece to advise on how this can hopefully be avoided. Its all down to when your girl Ovulates.

Taking your bitch to your vets for a blood test is one way of finding when she is going to ovulate. If she hasn’t ovulated and its not imminent then taking her to stud will only end in a dog that hasn’t taken. It may mean taking her for several blood test , but these will show when she is going to ovulate therefore when she should go to stud.

Another option is to have your vet take a swab, this may not be quite so accurate, but this is what my vet does for my girls and they have never missed yet. My Vets are Shield in Bishops Waltham, Gillian Taylor does the swab for me and she is brilliant at what she does.

If neither of these two options are for you, then wait until your girls blood goes to a watery pink colour, this is a fair indication that she is about to ovulate, never go by what someone says that their bitch ovulated at day 10 for example, as every bitch is different. A typical example of this is , one of my girls ovulates at day fourteen, whilst her mum ovulates at day twenty five.

We  are happy to advise on this subject, so feel free to contact us, we also are happy to assist with the whelp, something we have done a fair bit just recently, as its a stressful time and we are always happy to help.