Last week we were asked if we would assist a French Bulldog in whelp. Her name was Roxy, and we scanned her originally at 31 days and found her to be carrying eight puppies. We scanned her again at day 54 but this time could only find seven heart beats, the eighth must have been reabsorbed, something quite common in dogs.

For the owners of Roxy this was an anxious time as they had not experienced the birth of puppies before and asked if we would assist in this, something that we really enjoy doing. In French Bulldogs self whelping is not always easy, but in Roxy case this was very much the exception, as she gave birth to seven healthy puppies, six girls and one boy.

For Blue Pied, two Blues and a blue sable were the outcome, all the puppies are doing well. If you would like us to assist you when your dog whelps or just need advice, please do get in touch, we are happy to help, day or night. Tel 07810802116.