This is Betsy a German Shepherd, we scanned her several weeks ago and scanned her carrying 13 puppies. In the early hours of yesterday morning she went into whelp and her owner called me to ask if i would assist, something i was more than happy to do. We are always happy to help our clients when their dog goes into whelp. This was Betsy’s first litter and a first time experience for her owner, When i arrived Betsy had already given birth to four puppies all boys. ¬†One of the puppies came out breach, but we were able to get hold of the pup and on the second contraction pull it gently down and into the outside world. During eight hours of labour she gave birth to twelve puppies, seven boys and five girls.

There were five white pups, two black and five black and tan, all healthy and Betsy is doing a great job as a first time mum. If you are interested in giving one of these puppies a forever home please contact me and i will pass your details onto the owner. Kevin 0781080216