Ultrasound carried out on a Poodle yesterday, the monitor shows one puppy on this photo, at the top centurion the screen. she was scanned for five puppies due in around four and a half weeks. The dad is a Maltese, so these will be Maltipoos.

Ultrasound is used to confirm pregnancy, and gives approximate numbers, but these numbers can never be guaranteed as there can quite easily be a puppy hidden or the bitch may well reabsorb a puppy or two and in rare cases the whole litter.

This was a first for us today as we scanned a Field Spaniel for the first time, these are nowhere as common as some of the other breeds of Spaniel. The owners have tried to breed from her on two previous occasions but unfortunately she missed on both of these, but today however we brought good news to the owners and she is carrying five puppies due in four and a half weeks time. we will be scanning her again at just over seven weeks to make sure all is well with her puppies.

Pomeranian pictured above with her six puppies, born in the early hours of this morning, three girls and three boys. Congratulations to her owner.