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St Bernards

These two Saint Bernards above are called Benson and Barney, we had the pleasure this week of microchipping them both. Unfortunately two of their litter mates passed away soon after birth, but these two are lovely healthy puppies. We had previously scanned Mum on...

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A Week With a Difference Python

Well its certainly been a bit different this week. Pictured above are two Bengal cats, on the left is Dad and the Right the expectant mum. We scanned her this week and found her to be carrying three kittens, we also scanned another cat this week and she was also...

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Bella’s Litter

This is Bella our four year old Golden Retriever with her litter of nine puppies, seven boys and two girls. They were born on the 18th January 2018 by C section. Her waters broke at 8.00pm that evening, but following that there were no contractions, so after waiting...

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Golden Retriever puppies update

Our litter of nine Golden Retriever puppies are four weeks old today, its the most advanced litter we have ever had. They were walking at two weeks, which is very early, normally they start to walk at three weeks. We started to wean at just over two weeks and they are...

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Golden Retriever Puppies

Meet Harper, Angel and Precious, we had the pleasure of meeting this lovely family of Chihuahuas one evening this week, we had been invited to scan Harper, whose scan proved to be positive, so Angel is the Father to the pups and Precious the Auntie. Will keep you...

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Bella’s Litter

Bella our youngest retriever had her puppies this week by C Section. here she is above with her nine beautiful puppies, seven boys and two girls. They were due on Wednesday, but nothing happened until Thursday evening at 8.00pm when her waters broke, an hour passed...

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Microchipping Puppies

Its been busy week for microchipping , these three Jack Russell Cross Jugs were one litter we chipped. Another breed we chipped were a litter of six Rhodesian Ridgebacks, these are pictured below, and not a breed we get to do that often. We scanned the mum back in...

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Happy Christmas

We had the pleasure of meeting this family of Imperial Shihtzu's this week, two of which we scanned for pregnancy, one was in pup the other had missed this time around. Wish my four would sit to be photographed like this. The Labrador above is one we scanned several...

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Golden Retriever Pups on their way.

French Bulldog puppies with their mum above, we scanned her three months ago and went back this week, to microchip the five puppies. We have also microchipped two other litters of Frenchies this week, one of eight and the other of six pups.Other litters we have...

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Sad Ultrasound With a Labrador

One of the saddest scans we have ever performed took place this week. It involved a black Labrador, who had been mated also to a Black Labrador, sadly three weeks after the mating the Sire collapsed and died with a heart attack at the age of eighteen months. Obviously...

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